Stuff What I Have Made…

I have spent the last week becoming increasingly aware that I haven’t posted anything here for a while. There’s one simple reason for that – I haven’t finished anything for a while. Colour me useless.

So in the absence of anything new to present to you, how about a trip through a few of my favourite old projects? Hopefully that will inspire me to finish some of my in-progress pile!

Grace Beret

Grace lace beret. Kind of miss my hair that colour, too! Have I mentioned that I change my hair colour more often than is healthy or reasonable?

Talea Coat
Talea Coat - back

Winter coat from Burdastyle’s (free) Talea coat pattern. This was SO warm – I made it in a heavy wool with polar fleece lining – the construction of which also made me want to stick my pins in my own eyes.

Boy Blanket

Baby boy crocheted ripple blanket.

Cloth Nappies

Upcycled cloth nappies. This made my inner cheapskate so happy, I can’t even describe.

Anita Jeans
Anita Jeans - back

From Burdastyle’s Anita jeans pattern. The completion of these led to a two-week period where most of my conversations with people went a bit like this:

Me: I made jeans.
Other person: Yeah, you said.
Me: But I made JEANS.

Linen Bear

Bear and monster – from my own patterns.

Butterfly Shoes
Robot Shoes

Soft soled leather baby shoes – from my own pattern.

Sweetpod - inside

Sweetpod baby carrier. This was a gift for one of my friends, and was followed by several weeks of conversations that followed a very similar pattern to the jeans one. Probably the most impressed I have ever been with myself, not least because I only had two or three minor hissy fits during the construction stage. And I only stabbed myself with, like, three pins. Unprecedented.

I got my first sewing machine when I was a teenager, and I’m always a bit surprised, when I look back, at how much stuff I have actually made. I see myself as someone who is reasonably unproductive, but here you have it – this is not the case. This post shows maybe 1% of everything I’ve ever made. So I might give myself a bit of a break.

But only a tiny bit of a break. Then I’m going to bully myself into finishing Dress Four. Because I’m SO CLOSE!


3 thoughts on “Stuff What I Have Made…

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. You made a COAT?!!!!! And your own JEANS?!!!!! I can’t even sew a hem properly, let alone sew denim or anything thick. No wonder you kept telling people. I made my first crochet blanket a few years ago, and even now I poke my husband and say ‘I made that, you know’. I found you through Heather’s blog, cos of the crochet (that lovely blanket), but I shall stick around to admire your sewing awesomeness.

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